Monday, 6 May 2013

The best part about "Being a Dad?"

"Yes buddy".
"What's the best part of being a Dad?"
"The best PART!"
"Yeah and don't say YOU SON! You always say that!"

I am frequently amazed by how or why some questions get asked.
The truth is that the simple answer is, "YOU SON", the boys, they truly are the best part.
All three have now asked this question and all at about the same age, there is clearly something going on in a boys life at the age of seven or eight that has them wondering about adult life, I think its about this age they become aware that adulthood is an inevitability and they better start learning about it, they become self aware, conscious that they grow physically and change.

Is it the Football Dad?
"Seriously Dad.! Is it the football?"
"The Football?"
"Yeah, you always come to the games, you got us all into teams, you drive us to all the games you cheer louder than the other Dads, you take us to buy new boots, you even help sometimes with coaching and stuff, is that the best part about being a Dad, like when we win or score?"

Okay let's see, Is it Football?

What's not great about that? The belly in tumult at the notion they might get hurt during this, what is often the  first great solo excursion on lifes journey, or they might not enjoy it or the coach might not want them, or they might not get on with the other children, or he takes a ball full in the face and bursts into tears, or maybe he just bursts into to tears because he doesn't like it, or he waves to you when its his turn in goal only for the ball to fly past him as he's telling you how cool it all is, and that was just enough to start him crying and not wanting to be in goal, and then theres the untied shoelace that he stops to tuck in his boot because he doesn't know how to tie football laces up because they are so long and right at the moment the ball is heading towards him with no one else around and an open goal, so he goes to kick it and trips over the lace, and then falls to the ground, and skins his knee, and  yours is the child that kicks another one or even worse kick his own teammate, or sits down in the middle of the game in the centre circle sulking, or walks off during the game because he spotted the swings on the other side of the park, and they look like more fun, or that dog next to that man just so needs to be stroked right now or none of the boys understand how this is supposed to work so all game long all you see this phalanx of a dozen, 5 year olds all running in the same direction, like a Benny Hill skit  including the boy who is supposed to be in goal, and the opposition, trying to kick it away and missing, desperate to be the one to kick the ball, not one having any sense of "position" it's about kicking the ball Dad! or they lose 15 goals to nil, or your son is the one that called the referee stupid just loud enough to be heard and get sent off,or he's the substitute again, or he missed an open goal or the one with the wrong socks or it's freezing cold and you have no jacket and he needs your gloves and you can't feel your toes or its so hot you sweat standing still and you've forgotten the water bottles and his nose is burnt and so is yours and the youngest is bored and doesn't want to watch and eats all the jaffa cakes that were meant for the team at halftime and then he feels sick and throws up on your shoes during the second half or  he 's the one that wants to go home or the one that needs a wee or, Oh No! Not a number 2 buddy ! Please no! the games just started !
It's the Memories Buddy!

Oh my god this isn't worth it! Is it?

More than worth it.

The best part? The Memories we have and the memories to come!
What you have given me until now and what you will give me in the future

YOU are the best part about being a Dad my sons!


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  1. Your answer is perfect of course but I'm inclined to say that the football is definitely a perk! I'm a few years behind you mate but check this out

    Have a look at the second video! Who can say that doesn't make being a dad freaking amazing?!


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