Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My boy has Detention? I'm so Proud!

My eldest phoned today. It was 8.40 am. a little unusual, honestly.

Hey Dad, you okay?
I'm fine L... What’s up?
Oh you know... I was ringing because I have a Maths test today and I wanted one of your you can do it positive talks that you do, to make me feel better."
Oh really? Well you already know what I’ll say don’t you?
Yeah, but I wanted to hear you say it.
Okay fella, well, all you have to do is your best; because we both know your best is good enough, and try to do so well that they have to tell you, all right?
Thanks Dad.
That's okay matey any time you know that.
Um, Dad, I need to tell you something else.
OK fella! you're sounding serious there, what do you need to tell me?
I need to tell you I've got an after school detention tomorrow.
Yes Fella?
You okay?
I'm fine son, I'm fine really. I just needed a sec'; sorry bud.
Fine? Really ? You sure?
I'm absolutely 'fine' son. I'm chuffed because you phoned me, I'm pleased because you were honest and I'm even happier because I wanted you to phone and tell me and you did! I already knew about the detention because the school emailed me too tell me.
Oh god, they emailed you!
Yes they emailed me, I thought you might know.
I had no idea Dad I thought because we live with Mum they’d only tell her.
Well now you know. I asked the school to send me school newsletters and updates by email so they do. Occasionally I get stuff about what you will be doing and this time I got one about detention. They didn't tell me why you had detention though.
Oh it was nothing serious.
Serious enough to get a detention fella so I’d still like to know.
It was stupid Dad honest, not worth it really.
Well you're sounding a bit embarrassed just go for it go on, if you've been punished by Mum I'm not going to once is enough.
Well OK, so I was messing about in a lesson spinning round on my chair when  ever the teacher turned her back on the class and then I fell off and loads of people started laughing so the teacher turned round and shouted 'what were you doing ' and I said 'nothing Miss' and she said 'well you obviously were' and she sent me to see the year tutor for disrupting class because so many of the class were laughing.
And then what?
He asked me what I thought I was doing and I said 'nothing sir' and he said 'as you seem to know how to do nothing so well, you can do nothing for an hour after school in detention.'
Oh right! Well I'm disappointed really, it seems a shame to me that you would disrupt everyone’s lesson for no good reason and it was careless to fall off your chair. What were you trying to gain from it?
I was trying to get the girl behind me to laugh.
Oh I see, well  next time don't do it during a lesson OK? You better get in school's about to start I’ll see you at the weekend okay, Love you.
Love you to Dad bye!

I am so proud! 

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