Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Maybe you’re in mad (A Sonnet)

"It's not that you believe people are lying when they tell you that they love you, or when they say that you have value. You just think they're mistaken. 'I love you.' 'I know you do. I know you think you do.’ It’s all in the thought" (Agides, 2015)

Maybe you’re in mad  

Belief in mental illness is the same
as she convinced by what she thinks is real.
In search of feeling... fearful of the name
its promise without trust; has no appeal.
Shaping shared translations each will steal
closer to the truth than many others.
Compassion their combined Achilles heel
agápe flowed, from blind-hearted mothers.
When lovers say they love you; have they lied?
When loves announce they lied; is that your truth?
Affection seems like bullshit we denied
or failed to learn as signals in our youth.
All should just believe that love is giving 
Live to love: a life that is worth living

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