Sunday, 21 June 2015

Most Days

Most days have been meander walking
Tired treads tell too little talking - most days
Most days I strive to un-forgot
About those steps that life did not
And about the spells I've had too 
Most days, I tarry on my ramblings
Sod soaked strides submit to shambling - most days
Most days I hold - I’ll find some other road
Design to dodge dawn's dust-truck unload
And dream deliverance in a dry shoe
Most days I consider that long lost lover
Or the risk wretch’d rack to love another - most days
Most days facile feelings found afraid
To live the life fickle fates fade
And of that fatal - I’ll lose you.
Most days avoid each nights dreaming
Easier done without sound sleeping,  most days
Most days prayed countless times on saviours
Don’t dare denounce me for my failures
And about the times I withdrew -
I won’t forget -

Most days…

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